The aesthetically designed, refreshingly green, luxurious medical facility induces a sense of wellbeing and serene calmness. It feels more like a hotel than a hospital.

J.B Hospital is devoted for an extra-ordinary patient care, new research and informative educational programs. What do you expect from this? It initiates with a promise to each person of society we serve: You can trust us, can count on us, in your problems related to orthopaedics and gynecology. Today we are first in Udaipur to have an ISO certified modular jointless Operation Theatre with Laminar flow unit.

“Every Woman is a working woman, whether she is a homemaker or working outside so it’s her basic right to be recovered early from illness. I am fortunate to help her in achieving the same, by offering Minimal Invasive surgery.
J.B hospital is a one-stop destination for all those who are facing fertility issues.

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Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) is the second most frequent major operation performed on women next only to caesarean section.It is considered as the last option for benign conditions being offered only to women above the age of 45 years and who have completed their child bearing. Over the past several decades new developments have been made in the surgical approaches to hysterectomy The term laparoscopic hysterectomy is used to define various types of hysterectomy with a laparoscopic access to the abdominal cavity.

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The hospital has Private rooms and Semi-private wards and Economy wards.


Obstetric and Gynecology, General surgery , Pediatrics and Anesthesia.

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Gynecology, Obstetric​, Radiology And Laboratory Services​, In-House Pharmacy, Infant (Baby)Nursery Care​​, Piles Surgan​

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