Primary Care Physician

Primary Care Physician

The Primary Care Physician at JB Hospital provides comprehensive healthcare to you and your family. If you are new to JB Hospital, our practice can serve as an introduction to the Primary Care system, providing you with professional physicians, cutting-edge technology, and a variety of convenient locations.

Our Physician, who specializes in family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatrics, provides guidance to new and returning patients on topics such as health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, health counseling, patient education, and diagnosis and treatment of common medical conditions.

Our Physician will also act as a point of contact for you within the healthcare system. As a result, we can provide you with cost-effective, well-coordinated care. Our goal is to keep your care close to home, convenient, and focused on you.

Primary Care Physician

various types of Primary Care Physician

Family Medicine

That provider can often treat your entire family, from babies to teenagers, and parents to grandparents, regardless of their age. Your entire family’s health is taken care of in one location. Our doctors can help you manage chronic problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol by giving you advice on disease prevention, performing physical exams, diagnosing and treating common medical issues, and diagnosing and treating common medical conditions.


Internal medicine specialists at JB hospital work with men and women aged 18 and up to ensure they are living healthy lives by focusing on preventative care and health maintenance. Our internists have received special training that allows them to follow patients throughout their adult lives and form gratifying personal ties with them. We can also help you manage chronic diseases by diagnosing and treating common medical issues.


JB Hospital Pediatrics treats newborns, children, and adolescents up to the age of 18 who require preventative health services (such as well visits) or medical treatment for an acute or chronic condition. Injuries, infections, chronic ailments, illnesses, developmental delays, and also disorders are among the problems that pediatricians identify and treat.

Pediatric units can be found at certain of our hospitals. Our physicians and nurses are highly educated to care for children who are ill or require surgery in the hospital. We make every effort to make your child’s stay as pleasant and also stress-free as possible.

Best Primary Care Physicians Near Me

Your primary care provider (PCP) is critical to your overall health. However, finding a supplier who is both nice and professional might be difficult. Furthermore, your insurance may not be accepted by all primary Physicians. You may quickly look for the best family physicians in your area using JB Hospital.

Each JB Hospital practitioner has their own personal profile, which includes all important information such as previous education, board certifications, professional interests, and language skills. Before making an appointment, you can look at their client reviews. The ideal Primary Care Physician near me would be kind and professional, take your insurance, and be prepared to refer you to other specialists if necessary.

The patient-provider interaction is extremely important to us at JB Hospital. You may choose primary care and a professional doctor that meets your needs by reading verified consumer reviews. You can also type in the name of your insurance company to quickly identify top-rate in-network providers, which can help you save money on medical bills. JB Hospital Primary Care Physician near me has all available appointments. That is absolutely safe, secure, and free.

How to choose a primary care physician?

Because your physician has such a significant impact on your health, it’s critical to select someone you can trust and feel at ease with. If you don’t already have a doctor, the JB Hospital can help.

When choosing a physician, keep the following points in mind:

Your health insurance plan is a great place to start looking for a doctor. Start by looking at the list of participating doctors if your plan requires you to use an in-network doctor.

What is the distance between your home and the doctor’s office? How long will it take you to travel to the doctor’s office if you utilize public transportation?

Is the doctor’s office near me since the hours are convenient for your employment or your child’s school schedule? Is there any weekend, evening, or on-call service available at the office?

Is it possible for your doctor or members of his team to communicate effectively in the language you prefer? Certification by the Board of Directors. Using the Certification Matters tool provided by the American Board of Medical Specialties, you may check whether the doctor you’re considering is board certified.

Online access 
Is telemedicine a possibility with your primary care provider? Is there an online gateway where you may ask your doctor questions, make appointments, view test results, and look up your medical history?

What are the procedures for canceling or rescheduling appointments? Is there a payment plan available if you need a procedure that isn’t cover by insurance and isn’t cover by your insurance?


Viral, Typhoid fever, Dengue fever, Malaria, Flu causing fever, joint & muscle discomfort, weariness, vomit, and also skin rash are treated at Jb Hospital with the best physician physicians in Udaipur. General practitioners, general surgeons, ENT and eye specialists, a Fever Doctor In Udaipur, orthopedists, and gynecologists are all available.